We are not an Internet store. Because of that our offer is aimed only at wholesale customers.

• We do not have the lower limit for a single order, however the minimal quantity of items / pairs / sets of one Product Number is 5. This requirement does not apply to unique items of weight above 15 grams.

• The delivery time of an order is approximately four weeks. Please take this fact into consideration before you place an order.

• If an order is paid in foreign currency, the currency exchange rate is determined on the day of invoice, not on the day of order placing.

• In case of some of our items, it is possible to order an item with other kind of stone than you can see on the photo. If you are interested, please contact us before ordering.

• While ordering amber, please specify the colour.

• As far as the weight in catalog is concerned, please keep in mind the weight was measured for the photographed item and it may differ from actual weight. The given weight is only approximate.

• Delivery:

The customer is charged for delivery and the delivery cost is attached to the pro forma invoice. The customer does not need to pay any other fees while receiving the package, but please keep in mind that shipping costs are not related to Customs costs and you may be asked to pay the Customs while receiving the package shipped outside the EU. While selecting the delivery company, we always consider customer's advice. In case the customer has no preferences in this case, we select the best shipping offer available. Of course, the customer can get the order personally, to do so please contact us first.

THE ORDER IS CONSIDERED AS PLACED WHEN THE ADVANCE PAYMENT IS ON OUR ACCOUNT (about 20% of overall price calculated based on catalog prices - effectively, the final price may vary).

IMPORTANT !!! In case the order is not finalized, the advance payment is not subject to be returned.

• We do not fulfil credit-based orders.

• After preparing the order we deliver a pro-forma invoice via fax or e-mail. After receiving the invoice, the customer is asked to make the payment and to send us the payment confirmation.

IMPORTANT - We only ship the package after we receive the money.

• The ordering process goes as following:

1. Make a written order (preferably via e-mail)

2. We confirm receiving the order and send a pro-forma invoice for advance payment

3. After money is on our account, the order is processed

4. Fulfilling order - the invoice for the remaining payment is sent

5. After we receive full payment, the order is shipped

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone.